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Confirm your Pathology Diagnosis

To request a second opinion (consultation) for your pathology case please click and print the PDF "Second Opinion Request Form", fill in the requested information, request pathology material, sign and mail to:

 The Meditrend Group, Inc.
2030 W. McNab Road, Suite #2
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

You need Adobe Reader to view the second opinion request form. If you don't have Adobe Reader you may download the latest version for free by clicking http// and then clicking on "Get Adobe Reader" tab.

After your filled form and pathology material is received at The Meditrend Group, Inc, we will perform your Second Opinion review of all submitted material and return a pathology report to your physician.

Cancer Second Opinion

Cancer Second Opinion

Terms.In this document the terms 'you', 'your' and 'his/her' refer to you the patient who is requesting our service, the terms 'we', 'us' and 'our' refer to the company The Meditrend Group, Inc.. The term 'Service' refers to the service provided by The Meditrend Group, Inc. by giving you 'the patient' a second opinion on your pathology slide case or pathology test reports. 

Description of Service. The Meditrend Group, Inc. Service is designed to provide patients like you with the opportunity to have a second opinion review (consultation) of their diagnostic materials, including glass slides and any other types of medical reports including but not limited to other special studies, and radiographic and surgical report correlation if needed. The Meditrend Group, Inc. will formally review these materials and prepare a written report. Results will be provided in a formal written pathology report which includes two copies, one mailed to the patient in a confidential U.S. mail envelope and a copy mailed to the treating physician’s office addressed with the treating physician name and address supplied in the filled 'Service Request Form'. The Meditrend Group, Inc. will not perform special studies including and but limited to immunostains, chemical stains or other markers or diagnostic tools, our service includes microscopic and paper report review only. Our goal is to provide you with information so that you and your treating physician can confidently make the best decision regarding your treatment. The Meditrend Group, Inc. at its own discretion may elect to have your slides reviewed by a third-party specialized pathologist expert in the field of your case; if The Meditrend Group, Inc. and its pathologist realize that the complexity of your case requires an ‘expert in the field’ pathologist's opinion. In such cases you will receive the expert pathologist’s report only, The Meditrend Group, Inc. may also issue its own report. Also, in such cases The Meditrend Group, Inc. will be responsible for the expert pathologist's fees. The Meditrend Group, Inc. does not offer treatment plans nor has any intentions in directing patients to specific treatment plan or modality. The Meditrend Group, Inc. recommends that patients obtain such information from treating physicians. We only confirm Pathology slides and diagnostic test reports. Our service is not intended or established to generate opposite or unreasonable diagnosis for any financial or legal benefits. The Meditrend Group, Inc. does not offer treatment. This service does not guarantee nor does it promise a change in the original pathology diagnosis. This service is established for a second opinion only.
The Meditrend Group, Inc.'s Fees. Payment may be made by credit card or check at the time of request of service; a valid credit card number is required for request of service. The Meditrend Group, Inc. will not contact your insurance company and will not try to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company. The services we provide may or may not be covered by your insurance company. The credit card or check will be processed before any report is issued to you or your physician from The Meditrend Group, Inc. by regular mail. The fee for our service is not subject to reimbursement once your case is being studied or examined by The Meditrend Group, Inc. including paperwork/history review. The Meditrend Group, Inc., on patient’s request, may fax results to his/her treating physician if faster service is needed. Patient may also request more than one physician to receive a copy of the report and up to three physicians.
The Meditrend Group, Inc.' Advertising Policy. Advertisement is not a financial source for The Meditrend Group, Inc. or it's Website. The Meditrend Group, Inc. does not host or recieve funding from advertisement.

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